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What is Gospel Magic?

Gospel Magic is the art of illustrating the Christian message using simple magic tricks and illusions as visual aids

Now you can quickly learn how to do Gospel Magic through the instant downloadable e-book written by veteran Gospel Magician, Andrew David

Andrew David, author of How to Do Gospel Magic

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Ten Reasons Why Gospel Magic is For You

  1. It is Instant. You can start performing some of the routines straight away.
  2. It is Visual. Magic tricks transcend language barriers.
  3. It is Simple. Anyone can learn.
  4. It has a Wide-age Appeal. Young and old will enjoy performing and watching.
  5. It is Unexpected. People's attention will be caught and held.
  6. It is Powerful. People will remember and understand your message.
  7. It is a Great Icebreaker. Perfect for starting off your talk.
  8. It is Applicable. Tricks lend themselves to illustrating Gospel truths.
  9. It is Cross Cultural. Wherever you go in the world, people just love magical messages.
  10. It is Affordable. Enough said!

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